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Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage Welcome First Visitors

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Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage, a key tourist attraction in Jiangxi Province and a new masterpiece from Fantawild Holdings Inc., officially opened its gates on September 9th. The grand opening ceremony included exciting music and colorful decorations.

Innovative Combination of Culture & Technology Make the Company a Leading Player in the Cultural and Tourism Industry

Located in Yingtan City, Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage covers an area of 670,000 m2, with a total investment of 494,000,000USD (3.6 billion RMB). The park boasts 9 high-tech themed attractions, a further 32 outdoor attractions, and over 200 landscape designs. It is a one-stop destination offering dining, shopping and entertainment. This park is expected to receive more than 3 million visitors each year.

Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage is the second Fantawild theme park to open in Jiangxi province, the first being Fantawild Glorious Orient.The new park is a large high-tech theme park which employs cutting-edge technology such as a suspended spherical screen, panoramic AR, and stereo tracking technology. Featuring popular myths, classic stories and elements of local Yingtan characteristics, the park showcases the splendid charm of Chinese culture.

Immersive Themed Attractions for All Ages

The park welcomed a significant number of visitors on opening day.Cultural and high-tech attractions like Love String, The Way of Nature, Marvels of Chinese Culture, Let’s Fly, and The Legend of Nüwa garnered much praise and interest from visitors.

Large-scale indoor attraction The Way of Nature adopts holographic imaging technology to vividly present the great lives of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Zhang Daoling, whose spiritual pursuits resonate deeply with audiences. Performances on the park’s opening day ended with thundering applause.

Let’s Fly was one of the day’s most popular attractions. This theater boasts a 5 story high huge suspended spherical screen and moveable suspended seats. Visitors can enjoy an enhanced flying-like experience while they take in the beautiful scenery of China.

On 4D dark ride The Legend of Nüwa, visitors followed Nüwa to mend the sky and save the world in a boat. Visitors were in awe of the highly immersive experience and realistic images,with many of them enjoying the ride again and again.

Boonie Bears themed family-friendly attractions were also in hot demand. This area is equipped with various child-friendly playground equipment, making it a paradise for families. Laser blasting game Bear’s Mission and Boonie Bears Theater, a large-scale indoor theater with real-props, provided families with exciting adventures.

Roller coaster Pine Tree Rocket, brings to life iconic scenes from one of the Boonie Bears movie. The Grand Showman, another roller coaster, and outdoor water-based ride Dragon River Rapids are also great options for younger visitors.

One-Stop Destination for Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Over 10,000 visitors from Yingtan and neighboring cities flooded into the park on opening day. Numerous high-tech themed attractions, a welcoming park and comprehensive in-park services fulfilled the wide range of visitor demands.Fantawild Oriental Heritage is the perfect place for a family outing.

To meet the varied tastes of visitors, the park has 5 restaurants plus nearly 100 more canteens and refreshment stalls. These include popular chains like Chabaidao and Ng Tiu Yan Tong Sui. The park also offers cuisine from all over the country such as Yingtan ox bone noodles, Nanchang clay pot soup, and Changsha stinky tofu.

Themed around the popular animated IP and offering a relaxed and comfortable environment, Boonie Bears Burger House was a favorite among families.Visitors noted that this park made them feel right at home because they could eat well and have great fun.

Retail outlets in the park sell not only Fantawild and Boonie Bears licensed products, but also items which embody traditional Chinese culture. Visitors can find the perfect souvenirs to remind them of their happy moments with Fantawild.

In celebration of its grand opening, Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage put on a dazzling light and firework show to end the day. Continuing to combine traditional entertainment with modern technology, this spectacular show lit up the sky with 15,000 drones, leaving visitors with a striking and long-lasting final impression of the park.

Going forward, Yingtan Fantawild Oriental Heritage will serve as an exemplary cultural tourism destination for Yingtan and the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province. The park adheres to Fantawild’s industry-leading theme park development mode which has proven to be a solid foundation for success. By integrating technology, culture and entertainment, the park promotes high-quality growth within Yingtan’s cultural and tourism industry.

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